When mapping products / creating parameters for topical medications, there are two things to consider. The first thing is how to set up the medication so that the correct amount is administered, and the second is whether that item should be billed for when it is given.

When the parameter's Billing Toggle (Or EMR Events Toggle, when using an integrated system) is turned to ON, every time there is an entry into the flowsheet's cell, the item will be added to the client's invoice. Since most topical products are sold by whole bottle or tube, having that parameter's billing "ON" will result in a bottle or tube being billed each time the medication is given. For this reason, we generally recommend that the billing be set to "OFF" and that the medication charge is initially added to the invoice through the PIMS directly. 

When entering eye drops or ointments, we recommend entering the concentration as how you would direct someone to use that medication, such as drops, sprays, dose etc.

Go into Settings - Parameters and Add New Parameter

  • Fill in the medication name (including concentration if relevant)

  • Choose Medication from the drop-down menu named Section

  • Enter the Concentration as 1 inch/inch, 1 cm/cm or 1 drop/drop as required

  • Make sure you then set the billing toggle to OFF unless you are charging per dose

  • Click Save:



Eye medications can now be added to a patient's Flowsheet, dosed as to prescribe number of drops or volume you would like per eye. Here are some examples of how you will add drops and ointments to your flowsheet:

  • Make sure concentrations are set up as described above (1 inch/inch, 1 drop/drop, etc.)

  • Enter the desired route of administration

  • Making note of what concentration you entered in the steps above, enter the dosage as required (e.g. 1 drop per eye). Remember, SmartFlow will learn from you, if the part of the body you require is not listed, then just type it in the box and it will be saved for next time.

  • Choose how you want it to appear on your Flowsheet (dosage or volume)


So that on the Flowsheet they appear as:

For medications that you might charge per ml, per drop, or perhaps per unit, you can have the billing toggle ON

NOTE: According to how Concentration settings work, SmartFlow usually sends the second unit of measurement to your PIMS/EMR. For example, let's take Insulin which can be mapped according to the concentration. To have it display as a dose in UNITS, you need to adjust the mapping.

To have Units instead of ml, we recommend reorder the units of measurements for the Concentration in the Insulin parameter settings as 1 unit per unit:

We hope you found this information useful