Often if you know you have patients coming in the next day for a procedure, treatment, surgery etc. it can be helpful to create their flowsheets in advance.

To do this, create a new patient, click on "Show More Information"

When the "Edit Patient Info" window is open, you will see a box entitled "Treatments begin at".  Click on this and enter the date and time the patient will arrive. Remember to keep in mind what time your treatments should begin, if your clinic has all flowsheets set to begin at a specific time. For more details on this click HERE.

When creating a flowsheet in advance of patient admit, you will also have to enter a weight. It is best to enter the patient's weight as zero, this will help to avoid any errors in drug calculations, should another person use the flowsheet the following day. With a weight of zero, the calculator will not give a dose to be administered therefore, prompting staff to update the weight. Using a previous weight or guessing a weight could result in this being overlooked when the pet is admitted and an error made. After the pet has been admitted and weighed, you can go back into the patient's info to update the weight. Click "Done" to save.

When a medication is added and the weight is zero, you will get this alert. So even if you enter a dose for the medication, it will not give you a total dose until the weight has been updated.

Once the pet has been admitted and the weight updated, you will see this alert. Click "Yes" to update the medication calculators.

You can also get the anesthetic sheet template set up the same way, so that when your patient arrives for the day you are all set to get started right away.