If you need to change the fluid rate while the patient is in the hospital, there are a couple of ways your clinic can decide on how to indicate this:

1. You can add another fluid line with other fluid rate, and then discontinue the original one:

Discontinuing an item will do so from the current hour and onward. You can discontinue any item where treatments have been recorded in the row. Once discontinued, the item will appear "grayed out" as in the image above, and you will no longer be able to enter treatments in that row. Should you need/want to continue using this fluid rate at a future hour, you can always re-enable the rate.

2. If you would like to indicate a fluid change for a future hour, discontinuing the item will not work (as you can only discontinue for the current hour and onward). In this case, we would suggest that you select the cell for the hour where you would like the fluid changed, and type text into the cell indicating the rate change:

Once you have entered text in the cell, you can change the color in order to indicate that there are notes that should be checked at that time:

So that the flowsheet will looks so:

You can also use this method for indicating the time at which you would like the fluids to be discontinued.

As always, it is also a good idea to note in the Tech Notes when any changes are made to the treatment plan, including changes to the fluid rate.

We hope you found this information useful!