If you have created a patient and the flowsheet is showing an incorrect date at the top (e.g. yesterday's date), it is likely due to the fact that your clinic has set a specific time for all flowsheets to begin, and this patient was created prior to that start time.

For example, this clinic has all flowsheets set to begin at 8:00 AM:

In this example, the patient arrived at 7:03 AM and a flowsheet was created in Smart Flow right away:

When this happens, the flowsheet is created for the previous "day".  Because the flowsheet is set to start at 8:00 AM and the clinic is using 24 hour flowsheets, the flowsheet starts from 8:00 AM until 7:00 AM, meaning it actually contains treatments for two calendar days. Therefore, any treatments done prior to 8:00 AM will exist on the previous day's flowsheet, since 7:00 AM is at the end of that flowsheet.

One way to note that you are on the wrong "day" is to look for the blue rectangle that outlines the current hour on the flowsheet.  If the blue rectangle is not visible anywhere, it means the current time does not exist on the flowsheet you are currently viewing:

If you are on a flowsheet that has the current time, the blue rectangle will look like this:

Once you've started entering treatments on a flowsheet with this issue, there are only two ways to correct it:

1. You can delete the patient from the whiteboard and start again, ensuring the new flowsheet has the correct hours. You will then need to copy any completed treatments over to the new flowsheet with the correct date.

2. You can "add 24 hours" to create a new flowsheet with the correct date in the current patient file. You would then transfer any of the completed treatments to the correct times on the current date, ensuring any treatments completed prior to 8:00 AM (or whatever time your clinics' flowsheets start at) are on the "past" flowsheet.

Regardless of the method you choose, we have a set of videos to help you save your patient as a "template" to reduce the manual work involved in setting up the flowsheet:

Saving as a template: https://share.viewedit.com/r93a8ynK3urzhBQFsTt1vv

Recreating the patient from the template: https://share.viewedit.com/gHs4mTwBWmjzTirvT6NhgH

Please note that the above videos are an illustration and are subject to change as our product evolves!

To avoid this issue in the future, ensure you do the following when patients are created:

1. When creating a patient, you will see the Treatments Begin At field (see the second image above). Make sure this is correct and edit it if necessary, prior to creating the flowsheet. Once the flowsheet is created, this field can no longer be updated.

2. If treatments do need to start prior to 8:00 AM (when all of your flowsheets begin), be sure to enter the number 2 in the Number of Flowsheets field. This will populate one flowsheet for the treatments prior to 8:00 AM, and a second flowsheet for any treatments done on the current day after 8:00 AM.

3. Before editing the flowsheet or executing any treatments, always check first to find the blue rectangle that indicates the current time on your flowsheet. If this rectangle is not visible anywhere on the patient's flowsheet(s), it indicates that there is no flowsheet for the current time.

If you want to have all of your flowsheets start at a predetermined time, another alternative would be to have them begin at a very early hour; as early as you may ever see a patient.  Setting all of your flowsheets to begin at midnight, for example, would accommodate any patients arriving in the early morning hours.

We hope you found this information useful!