No, to avoid displaying too many parameters for the patient, the anesthetic charts and flowsheets are not linked. However, if it is required, you could add all of the given medication and procedures to the Flowsheet. For this, please create new parameter (e.g., Execute Premedication, Execute intra-op meds, etc.) and add them under the Medication or Procedure section of the Flowsheet, as described below. 

Add the parameter to the Flowsheet by clicking + button (if on iPad, go to the Editing Mode first) then select required parameter and hit Add:

Tap on the required cell to execute the parameter and enter all the information about the given medications and procedures as a note:

From the web

From the iPad

Once entered, the value will appear on the timeline:

As well as in Medical Records:

NOTE: For your convenience, it is possible to add as much information on a medication as you need (e.g. precise time as @16:25).