You can integrate Smart Flow with Neo.

  1. In Neo click your name in the menu bar. Then click Administration 
  2. Under System Admin, click Smart Flow
  3. In the Smart Flow API Key box, enter the API integration key provided by Smart Flow.
  4. Click Save.


IMPORTANT: After clicking Save, the following information will be synced from Neo to your Smart Flow account:

  • Products that are active and have been modified in the last day or have been sold in the last year.
  • Users that are active and have the Provider checkbox selected.

Note: After initially sending your products and users to Smart Flow, the following actions in Neo will automatically sync to Smart Flow:


  • Creating a new product
  • Updating an existing product
  • Changing the product status from inactive to active


  • Creating a new user and selecting the Provider checkbox.
  • Designating an existing user as a provider.
  • For multi branch practices – Changing branch access for a user designated as a provider.
  • Updating an existing provider.