Contact your ISP and ask about Bonded Broadband / Bonded DSL 

Some internet service providers offer the option to bond or join multiple access services together. This could be 2 or more ADSL services or even a combination with others such as ADSL and Ethernet services which results in improved speed.

Check your router 

  • If you are connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi router, poor signal can lead to lower speeds and dropped connections. If it is possible, move your router closer to your computer to boost your signal, or move the computer closer to the router.

  • If the router is old, it may be time to upgrade. Newer routers can offer much-improved connections and speed over older wireless routers.

  • Dirty, dusty, or loose cables leading from your cable or DSL modem to your wireless router or computer can cause significant reductions in your internet speed. Pick up a can of compressed air from your local computer store, and use it to blow out the dirt and dust in the connectors.


Check your filters if you have DSL

When you activated DSL, you hooked the line from your phone jack into one side of a rectangular box filter. On the other side, you have 2 lines coming out, 1 for your phone and 1 for your modem. If you are using a DSL connection over your landline, make sure that you have high-quality filters in place to get optimum signal speed.

Avoid running multiple devices at once 

Turn off smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, set-top boxes or other devices that you aren't currently using. If multiple devices are attempting to retrieve information from the internet, especially streaming video or gaming, you will see a loss of speed. If your Smart Flow is running on every computer & iPad in the clinic, including unused ones, all the time, then it will run slower. Try to log out of unused PCs/iPads and limit the number of videos you take.

Check your data cap

Many internet service providers impose a data cap on their customers that may not be immediately visible. Log into your account page, or contact the customer service department to see if you have gone over your allowance. Often times the penalty for exceeding the allowance is decreased speed for the rest of the billing period.

Clear your browser’s cache 

As you surf the web, your browser stores information about the sites you visit to make the loading process quicker when you next visit. Over time, however, this can actually reduce the speed of your browser as more and more information is stored. Occasionally clearing your cache can help boost the performance of a slow browser.

Clean up your hard drive 

If your computer is running slowly, it can negatively impact your browsing experience, making it seem like your connection is slower than it is.

Uninstall bandwidth hogs 

There may be programs installed that are using your bandwidth that you may not be aware of. Browse your installed programs and remove any that you no longer use or don’t remember installing. Be cautious when deleting programs you aren’t familiar with; always check to see if it is an important program.