For the security feature to work properly, we need to have an option for the iPad.
We understand that each user logging in and out of the iPad would be too time-consuming and too cumbersome. Therefore we changed the username and password for the iPad (totally separate from your desktop login), so the iPad itself is self-limiting if you choose it to be. The choice will make the flow sheets editable or non-editable.  This is the only way to make both the desktop and iPad secure. 

You can edit your options for the iPad by going into the 'Security' area of your Web login. 

- log into your account on the web

- go to your 'Settings' by clicking on the person icon in the Right top corner

- go to 'Security.'

- here you can choose to allow the 'editing' mode on the iPad by turning the option ON/OFF

- you can also edit the @ipad@ password so that you are setting the password for all iPads

- once the iPad password is set, staff can log into the iPads using with the new password

- you want to make the password to the iPads different than the main Web login, to avoid staff being able to log into the main account.