We are pleased to announce future changes to Smart Flow Security. Soon, the Enable Security option will be enabled for all active clinics by default and then deleted. This will allow all users to access the clinic account based on the role you have chosen for them. To avoid any unexpected behavior and get used to the changes, please switch this option to YES and do not turn it off until we remove this option.

Smart Flow has a Security feature that you are able to turn On or Off at any time in your Settings menu. Enable Security is one of the Security options that ensures limited accessibility to your clinic's account based on the staff role.

If the security is turned ON this will:

  • Prevent unwanted users from accessing the settings page. This way you are able to control who has access to an area where you are able to change customizable features in Smart Flow.

  • Setting Auto Logout times.

If your hospital has decided to enable the security feature, the clinic's manager will assign you a role. Each role will have a different security clearance to perform certain actions. After that, you will receive an email with your Smart Flow username and password. If you have not received this email, contact your clinic's manager for help. The different roles and permissions can be found HERE.

Keep in mind this is not going to prevent users from writing down other people's initials or adding new treatments. 

We hope you found this information useful!