The SmartFlow Whiteboard is designed to display patients that are in the hospital or/and in a particular treatment room:

From the web

From the iPad

From the Whiteboard you can create a new patient as well as access the existing ones, view the quantity of upcoming, completed or missed treatments & tasks, etc. You can set the appropriate Whiteboard Style to manage your workflow effectively.

A patient on the Whiteboard can be identified by a picture, name, weight and contact information. For your convenience, it is possible to customize your Whiteboard and choose what patient information you want to display and where. You may also group the patients by using the Custom Sorting Option or the special highlighting option. The Whiteboard also displays the ALS / BLS / DNR banners regarding patient status.

Watch THIS video to learn how the Whiteboard improves the receptionist's workflow.
Please note that the attached video is an illustration and is subject to change as our product evolves!

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