You may notice that dosages which result in several decimal places get rounded off when they appear on the flowsheet. This is a result of space limitations on the iPad screen and doesn't mean wrong calculation! The medication is calculated correctly, however it is shown as the "rounded" number on the flowsheet, since only two decimal places can be shown at the moment. We understand that this could be confusing and we are looking for the ways to show more decimal places on the flowsheet, but in the meantime, we would like to suggest a couple of workarounds for you. 

For example, if 10 Acepromazine inj dosed at 0.015 mg/kg is selected to display the Dosage on the flowsheet:

It will appear on the flowsheet as 10 Acepro 0.02 mg/kg IV:

In this case, we recommend to set the Display option to Total (mg) and the shown value will be exactly the same as calculated:

Also, this issue can affect small values (usually CRIs), which can be rounded to 0 if the number is small enough. For example, if we set to display Dosage for 50% Dextrose Inj with dosage 0.004 mg/kg/min: 

It would be rounded to 0.00 mg/kg/min on the flowsheet:

As a workaround, try set Display option to Total (ml) or Total (mg) instead of Dosage:

NOTE: In case of Total (ml) the value will appear per hour, not per minute (see the screenshot above):

We hope you found this information useful!