You may notice that dosages which result in several decimal places get rounded off when they appear on the flowsheet.  This is due to space limitations on the iPad screen.  The medication will be calculated correctly, but will show up as the "rounded" number on the flowsheet. We are working on the ability to show more decimal places on the flowsheet, but in the meantime, there are a couple of workarounds for this issue. 

For example, Acepromazine dosed at 0.015mg/kg will appear on the flowsheet as 0.02mg/kg if you choose to display the dose on the flowsheet:

As a workaround, choose to display the medication in total mg or total mL on the flowsheet.

This also can occur for CRIs, and will round to 0 if the number is small enough.  For example, Dextrose at 0.004 mg/kg/min would be rounded to 0.00 mg/kg/min on the flowsheet if set to display dose:

As a workaround, try displaying the med on the flowsheet in total mg or total mL instead of dose (total mL may appear per hour, not per min):