Smart Flow is able to display just one, a combination of several or all of your whiteboards on your TV screen, depending on what works best for your hospital. 

If you have several TV screens, you may prefer to display only those patients specific to that area (i.e. select surgery whiteboard for TV screen in prep room/theatre area or select ICU whiteboard for TV screen in ICU ward.)

Alternatively, you may choose to use 1 TV whiteboard display several or all whiteboards at once if you'd prefer a more visual overview of the whole hospital. The choice really is up to you!

Here is a video of this feature. 

There may be some instances where you would like a single patient to appear in more than 1 whiteboard at the same time. For example, a patient in the ICU might also be having surgery, therefore to prepare for surgery you would like to have this patient appear on your surgery whiteboard but, they are currently in the ICU and also need to be visible in this whiteboard as well. To see more about this click HERE.