The first step once you have the Whiteboard on your TV is to expand it to make it full-screen.

In order for you to display the whiteboard to show the columns correctly on your TV, you may need to zoom in or out. 

The correct display will show 9 boxes to the right of each patient.

To zoom in, hold down 'Ctrl' or 'Command' and the " + " button.

To zoom out, hold down 'Ctrl' or 'Command'  and the " - " button.

Even after refreshing your page, this feature will now remain. 

To access this from a Windows computer, press full screen on the Smart Flow Whiteboard, then press F11 on your keyboard to toggle between persistent full-screen mode and regular whiteboard screen. 

For a Mac user, you can press 'Command+Control+A' Please note that Microsoft Edge does not support this feature.