In every flowsheet, you are able to select set a critical values for each numeric Monitoring parameter (such as Temperature or Heart rate). To enter critical parameters, follow the steps below:

From the web

Open the required flowsheet > click on the parameter you want to set the critical values (e.g. Temperature) > enter Critical values > and then Done:

From the iPad

Open the required flowsheet > go Editing mode (tap pencil icon in the upper right corner) > tap on the parameter you want to set the critical values for (e.g. Temperature):

In the two boxes for Critical values enter the low and high-end critical values you desire and tap Done:

NOTE: You will need to click Done twice. First to finalize the entrance of the new values in the field, and then to save the changes for the whole Temperature parameter.

Save the changes by tapping the floppy disk icon in the upper right corner and use the flowsheet as usual.

NOTE: When entering a value out of the Critical values range, an alert will appear on both web and iPad as well as the value will be highlighted in red:

On the web
On the iPad

Same information will be noticed in the Medical Records pdf:

If you set a critical parameters for each Monitoring parameter and save this as a Treatment Template, your critical parameters will be saved for further use. After you create this template, you may also change the critical parameters for an individual patient without those changes being saved to the Template.

To watch a video on how to set up critical values and alerts click HERE.

Please note that the attached video is an illustration and is subject to change as our product evolves! 

We hope you found this information useful!