In general, Smart Flow does NOT save drug dosages as your Dr needs to enter the dosage for each patient.  The only time a dosage is saved is on a template.  For example, if you have Metronidazole on a vomiting/diarrhea template at 10 mg/kg, it will keep that dosage for every patient you use the vomiting/diarrhea template for.  

If you were to start a patient with a different template which doesn't have Metronidazole saved on it as part of the template and add Metronidazole as a treatment, it will NOT have the 10 mg/kg dosage "pre-loaded" into the medication.  

You will notice that there are medications on the pre-loaded Smart Flow templates that come with the app.  These are referenced from Plumbs and are for example ONLY.  We encourage you to go in and change those dosages in the templates to ones that your Doctors prefer.