We look forward to releasing a few more enhancements this year to improve your SmartFlow experience and overall application stability.

Anesthetic Sheet PDF Report Scaling

Depending on the length of your Anesthetic Sheet, you may like the report to scale and fit onto one page, or perhaps you would prefer it not to scale but be spread across multiple pages:

One page scaled vs. multi-page non-scaled Anesthetic Sheet PDF report

You can now control the way the report is generated via an account wide setting within your Anesthetic Sheet settings on the Web (more information can be found HERE):

Renaming User Roles

To avoid the confusion caused by the current naming of SmartFlow Roles, we have moved to a Level approach:


The permissions within each role have not been changed from highest access Level 6 to the lowest Level 1 (for more details, see THIS ARTICLE):

Old Name

New Name


Level 6


Level 5


Level 4

Tech / Nurse

Level 3


Level 2


Level 1

"Cubex Billing" Toggle

For Cubex connected accounts, we have renamed the "In Cubex" toggle in the Parameter Settings to "Cubex Billing" (please learn more about this toggle HERE):

We hope you enjoy these new features!