We appreciate all of your feedback and strive to design SmartFlow according to your needs and expectations. With this iPad release, we are pleased to share wonderful enhancements that hopefully you enjoy!

Patient Information Enhancements

Based on your direct feedback, we have made some changes to the Patient Information page that we hope will help you embrace our new design and take full advantage of the upcoming features we plan to add to this section. From now on:

  • For quick patient creation, the Cage Number field added to the Quick Info tab, so you no longer need to switch tabs to add this info.

  • Take the patient Photo with a full-screen camera.

  • Darkened background color for better visibility.

  • Emojis are back!

New Camera View

From now, enjoy the full-screen camera when adding pictures or videos to the patient's Flowsheet and Anesthetic Sheet or take Dental Chart photos! No more small camera preview window making it hard to capture photos and video.

Dental Chart Updates

  • Odontoplasty (ODY) added to Treatment section (please find more about the dental abbreviation HERE).

  • Both Restoration options (R/I and R/C) can be selected at the same time.

  • Page optimization for large screen devices.

User Security Improvement

If the User Security option is enabled for your practice, staff will need to verify their identity each time they start working with SmartFlow on iPad, however, finding the right user to log in can take some time (especially for large practices). To save you time, if you were one of the users who recently used an iPad, you will see your name at the top of the list in the new Recent section:

Instructions/Notes added to the Medical Records PDF

All the instructions/notes added to a parameter on the Flowsheet will be included in the Medical Record PDF with every treatment execution:

Keep Lists Protected

You can now prevent additional additions to freetype lists using the Lock Editing toggle in the Settings on the Web. Set it to YES for any list you want to keep protected learn more about this feature HERE):


Locked Treatment and Anesthetic Sheet Templates

Locked templates are now easily distinguishable on the iPad as they are marked with a lock icon:

UI Change on Medication Parameters

SmartFlow does not currently calculate the doses for medications based on Body Surface Area (m2). To make this clearer and to avoid misunderstandings, we have now grayed out the calculator fields if you select m2 as a Medication Dosage Volume unit. However, you can still calculate the total dose for the patient manually, and have the dosage displayed correctly on the Flowsheet, see THIS article for more details:

We hope you enjoy these new features!