We are so pleased to present a completely redesigned Patient Information page on the iPad. The Patient Information page has been redesigned to bring the following benefits:

  • Address and Email fields have been added.

  • Support for portrait mode.

  • Responsiveness to different iPad screen sizes.

  • Clean and modern design leveraging swipe gestures.

  • Opportunity to add additional fields in the future (pending your feedback of course).

Easily Switch Between Sections

The new patient information page is divided into five tabs: Quick Info, General InfoPatient Info, Client Info, and Problem ListEach tab allows you to quickly access the information you need. Swipe left or right to view the sections one by one, or click on the title to jump directly to the desired tab:

Learn how to edit Patient Information from THIS article.

Address and Email added to Client Info

We have added the ability to record both Address and Email address in the Client Info section using the iPad. For your convenience, City, State, and Zip fields will retain all of your previous entries, so you don't need to enter the same information over and over again, just select the one you want from the list:

Address and Email can be auto-populated onto consent forms and will be automatically included in the PDF reports generated by SmartFlow (please find out more HERE):


Ware working closely with the IDEXX PIMS to automatically fill in these fields. At the time of release, this feature will be available from a select few PIMS, please see the full list HERE

We hope you enjoy these new features!