SmartFlow-VisionVPM integration allows you to send patient details to SmartFlow upon admission. To do this, in your VisionVPN select Admit from either the appointment book, animal details, or clinical record. If the SmartFlow integration enabled, the Hospital Admission window will have a Smart Flow Options section:

In this section:

1. Select the SmartFlow Treatment (Treatment Template) that this hospitalization is for.

2. Select the SmartFlow Department (Whiteboard) this patient is to be admitted into.

NOTE: These can be updated from SmartFlow by clicking the relevant Rebuild button. 

Once you click Save F7 button, the patient will be automatically sent to the SmartFlow:

From now, in the Admission and Groups Lists sections of your VisionVPM account, you can notice a blue Sicon next to the patient's name. This indicates that the patient was successfully sent to SmartFlow. 

NOTE: If the patient has been admitted without a record being sent to SmartFlow, the record can be sent by right-clicking the patient on the Admission and Groups List and selecting Send Hospitalisation record to Smart Flow:

Please note the most common reasons why a patient cannot be admitted to SmartFlow in THIS article.

We hope you found this information useful!