With the time ‘springing forward’ there are some things that you might notice on your Flowsheets.

Clinics that will notice changes will be any displaying a full 24 hour Flowsheet, as well as any with the settings of ‘all Flowsheets, begin at’ set to a specific start time.

  • When the Daylight Saving time change occurs, do I need to do anything?

  • No, SmartFlow will ensure your Flowsheets are updated automatically.

  • Has anything changed since Daylight Saving time last year?

  • No, SmartFlow hasn't changed, we're just making sure you know what to expect, in case you have new staff members or are new to SmartFlow!

  • How will my Flowsheets display during the Daylight Saving time change?

  • This time of year, clocks will ‘spring forward’ by 1 hour therefore, any patient in hospital during this time will be affected. Flowsheet times will display 1 AM, followed by 3 AM, appearing to have skipped 2 AM in allowance of the change. Further information can be found in this document.

  • What happens to any treatments due during the removed hour on my Flowsheet?

  • Since we lose an hour, any treatments due at 2 AM will be moved to 3 AM. You can continue working from this Flowsheet normally, as the ‘q’ time will have transferred over properly from the previous Flowsheet.

  • Does this have any impact on later Flowsheets for patients hospitalized through the time change?

  • This is only going to effect on patients’ Flowsheets that were in the hospital during the time change, any new Flowsheet will appear as they always have.

If you would like existing patients’ Flowsheets to also appear to start at the same time, instead of creating 24 hours and copy the Flowsheet, you could also discharge and readmit the patient.

We hope you found this information useful!