We have seen you voting on your favorite ideas on our IDEAS portal and we have listened!

Lists Management

Managers can now manage all of the freetype fields within SmartFlow via the new Lists Management page (please find more details HERE). This includes lists such as:

  • Problems

  • Medication Routes

  • Procedures

  • Breeds

  • Many more!

COMING SOON: The ability to lock editing on each list is currently in development.

Picker List Enhancements

Picker Lists are now easier to create and update via the new + Add to Picker List option added to the Parameters Page (please find more details HERE):

You can now search Picker Lists and Dropdown lists when executing them on the web:

Address and Email added to Client Info

We have added the ability to capture both Address and Email under the Client Info section when editing the patient via the web:

For your convenience, City, State, and Zip fields will retain all of your previous entries, so you don't need to enter the same information over and over again, just select the one you want from the list.

Address and Email can be auto-populated onto consent forms and will be automatically included in the PDF reports generated by SmartFlow (please find out more HERE):

COMING SOON: We are currently redesigning the edit patient view on the iPad from the ground up to accommodate these new fields. Look forward to furthering announcements about this soon.


Ware working closely with the IDEXX PIMS: Cornerstone, Neo, DVMAX, and Animana to automatically fill in these fields. At the time of release, this feature will be available from a select few PIMS, please see the full list HERE

Template management enhancements

You can now lock and delete Anesthetic Sheet templates from the web. To do so, ensure you are logged in as a Manager and navigate to our newly re-named settings tab called Templates

We have also added some bulk actions to the Templates page so that you can easily delete or lock/unlock more than one template at a time (detailed information can be found HERE):

We hope you enjoy these new features!