The Dental Chart PDF report is a comprehensive document that includes detailed results of dental examinations and treatments for each tooth, including your notes and a record of procedure duration. Your feedback has told us that this is a long record that is difficult to navigate, that's why we decided to simplify it and thus moved on to a new condensed view of the Dental Chart report!

From now, you will find a new Quick Summary section with the quantitative results of the examination (how many teeth were Extracted, Missing or Healthy), general notes and the total treatment duration:

In addition, the report is now divided into Quadrants, so you can quickly allocate the required part of the jaw and find any details about each specific tooth:

For your convenience in each Quadrant, we now combine Extracted, Missing, and Healthy teeth into a brief summary. Moreover, teeth with nothing recorded are grouped under the Nothing Noted heading, so you will no longer have blank fields in the report associated with them (please see above screenshot).

We hope you enjoy these changes!