We have been listening to your feedback and we are pleased to announce new SmartFlow enhancements!

Standardized decimal places

You will no longer need to worry about SmartFlow calculating the total volume to administer to your patient with an impractical number of decimals. You can now specify how many decimal places you would like to see for each area where SmartFlow is doing a calculation; Medications, CRI, Fluids and Diets. 

Once you have confirmed your preferences in your General Settings via the web, you will notice that SmartFlow is respecting these settings across all impacted areas including the Flowsheet, Anesthetic Sheet, PDF reports and the information we are sending to your integrated PIMS.

We will also respect your manual entries should you wish to be more or less precise. Just enter the desired value and SmartFlow saves it regardless of the preset Decimal Places settings.

Please note at the time of release all calculators will default to 2 decimal places unless you specify otherwise.

Quick switch between individual teeth on the Dental Chart

With over 10,000 Dental Charts completed using SmartFlow since our launch in March we know you are loving this new tool. To make charting even more efficient, we have added the ability to simply swipe left/right from the individual tooth screen or click the arrows next to the tooth number (< >) to access the next tooth:

Alternatively, if you wish to jump to another tooth somewhere else in the mouth, you can click on the tooth number:

Then select the one you want to chart:

For your convenience, you no longer need to press any additional buttons to save changes, as SmartFlow will automatically save all of your records after switching to another tooth.

Calculus option added to the Dental Chart

From your direct feedback, we have added the option to record Calculus within the diagnosis section of the Dental Chart:

We have also updated the Gingivitis abbreviation from "G" to "GI" as per your feedback. For more information on the Dental Chart abbreviations click HERE.

Estimates on the Anesthetic Sheet

If your PIMS integration already supports Estimates transfer to SmartFlow (e.g. Cornerstone, AVImark and ImproMed) we have good news for you! You can now add Estimate items directly to the Anesthetic Sheet just like you can on the Flowsheet (please learn how to use this feature HERE):

NOTE: You will be able to pull items from the same estimate onto both the Flowsheet and Anesthetic Sheet respectively. This means that if you have already added items from an Estimate to the patient's Flowsheet, it will still be available for you to add items to the Anesthetic Sheet and vise versa.

Reset password from the iPad

If you are having trouble remembering your password when logging into the SmartFlow application for the first time, you can now request a password reset directly from the iPad application:

If you need more details, please refer to THIS article.

Mapping enhancements

After connecting your SmartFlow account to your PIMS, you will need to map your inventory. This routine but the critical process will ensure correct data transfer between SmartFlow and your PIMS (details can be found HERE). We are making this process just that little bit easier by adding a Save & Next button:

This new button will not only save your changes but will automatically open the next unmapped parameter without any additional clicks. 

We hope you enjoy these new features!