Once you add a new User to your clinic's account (as described in How do we add more staff for Training?), this person will be enrolled in SmartFlow University (please learn more about it in What is SmartFlow University?). At this moment, new User receives access to specific training/-s appropriate to the assigned Role, and is required to complete all courses to receive a registration email with randomly generated individual SmartFlow credentials - Username, Password, and iPad Passcode. This email can be received within 24 hours after the training completion (please read How do I get my username and password to log in to SmartFlow? for more details).

NOTE that since SmartFlow University doesn't send us any notifications, the system pulls info for all active training once per day at 4 am (UTC). That means that the email may not be delivered right after your training complete. 

If you want to get the credentials right away and not wait 24 hours for the registration email to be automatically pullout, you will need to ask your manager to click the Update button in the clinic's User List for a specific user. This will complete the user activation process immediately:

We hope you found this information useful!