This document will explain what the different sound notifications mean in SmartFlow. 

SmartFlow has two different sound notifications: 

1. Ding- Listen HERE for example:

Reasoning for sound notification: 

-New patient creation 

-Switching between Whiteboards

-Whiteboard or the Flowsheet contains any overdue task (a task set with a goal when execution has expired). The sound will play every 30 seconds. To read more information on missed treatments and notifications, click HERE

2. Timer Bell- Listen HERE for example: 

Reasoning for sound notification: 

-Whiteboard or Flowsheet contains a patient with missed treatments. Missed treatments can also be alerted with the Flickering option, see more information HERE.

Sounds alerts can be turned ON or OFF within the PC whiteboard. At the top of the whiteboard you will see a bell icon. Click on the icon to turn ON or OFF the sound alerts. If the icon is grey the sound is turned OFF. If the icon is blue the sound is turned ON.