In case, you've turned the notifications volume of the SmartFlow application ON when using a PC/Whiteboard or an iPad, you may find out there are some different sounds persistent and alerting about something. These two sounds appear and play for the next matters should be considered:

1. So-called Ding that you can listen to HERE is played to highlight the next actions:

- for the patient creation;

- for switching between Whiteboards;

- in case the Whiteboard or the Flowsheet contains any overdue task (a task with a goal when execution has expired), the sound played each 30 seconds. More about this matter, you can find in Why am I getting a notification about missed treatments?

2. The second sound is so-called Timer Bell could be checked by following THIS link. It's a logical continuation of the last point above and is played each hour if the Whiteboard (or Flowsheet) has any patient with missed treatment. This occasion of the treatments being missed/overdue can also be shown with the Flickering option that could be turned OFF if needed due to How to turn off the continuous flickering on Whiteboard?.

To cope with the missed treatments, please read How do I complete treatments?

In case, you'd like to have this option turned to OFF please follow the instructions in the corresponding articles below:

How to turn the volume of the SmartFlow application off when using a PC? 

How to change notification settings on the iPad?

We hope you found this information useful!