This May, we are glad to share one of our most desired updates - new User Security on the iPad!

You will also notice that our application has had a fresh makeover in the Apple App Store with a new icon, visuals, and information.

Please discover and enjoy these new features and enhancements:

Added iPad Security

You can now enable user Security on the iPad which will require each staff member to verify their identity within SmartFlow iPad application with a 4-digit passcode (learn how to use your passcode HERE):

For the seamless implementation of this new iPad user security in your clinic, we recommend you have each active user to set up their individual Passcode (please find more details HERE) prior to enabling the Security on the iPad toggle.

Also note, for your convenience, if your clinic has user Security on the iPad enabled, each user will only need to know their own individual passcode to work on the iPad. You will benefit from using Forms passcode even more, as you no longer need to set a common one, share it with your team, and update everyone upon its change! 

Roles & Permissions on the iPad

By enabling Security on the iPad, the user's Role & Permissions will be respected on the iPad just as they are on the web browser . This will ensure your staff only have access to the tools and options as defined by their role:

Doctor's View

Receptionist's View

TIP: Before enabling user security on the iPad it is a good idea to review the roles you have set for each user to verify that each user has the correct level of access needed to complete their duties (HERE you can find more details on how you can change user role). For example, in some cases, this may mean granting your Tech/Nurses access to the Doctor role. Try not to get too hung up on the title of the role and look more closely at the permissions, ensuring each user has the permissions needed to complete their duties in your clinic. 

Please be aware that Tech/Nurse role has some special permissions on the iPad. As on the web, Tech/Nurse can only execute Treatments on the Flowsheet, but cannot add, edit, or remove them. However, on the Anesthetic Sheet, we have granted the Tech/Nurse additional permissions as we understand how important it is for the Tech/Nurse to be able to manage the anesthesia documentation. 

Add Treatments on the Anesthetic Sheet

For those that are enjoying our Add Treatments functionality on the Flowsheet we are pleased to announce that this functionally is now available on the Anesthetic Sheet. Editing an Anesthetic Sheet has never been so easy! Now you can add a bunch of treatments from the template in a few clicks (details can be found HERE):

New option for editing Patient Information on the iPad

In this release, you are now able to edit the patient information simply by entering Editing Mode and tapping anywhere inside the Patient Information ribbon (please find more details HERE):

We have also swapped the Edit Info and Delete Patient option in the menu (...) list while in Editing Mode. We hope you find this updated order more convenient:

Back button added to Forms Dashboard

Based on direct customer feedback, we have added a back button from the Forms Dashboard so that you can now seamlessly navigate back to the patient's Flowsheet instead of going back to the Whiteboard:

Please find more details about the top navigation bar HERE.

Audible sound from Anesthetic Sheet now heard when using the Dental Chart

We understand how important it is not to miss anything when a patient's dental examination is accompanied by anesthesia. This is why you will now be able to hear a "ding" notification when the next set of monitoring should take place from the Anesthetic Sheet when you are on the Dental Chart.

Device ID now displayed within the iPad application

When you open the Whiteboard, in the lower-left corner of the screen you will now see the Device ID. This is a specific ID of the SmartFlow application that will help us in troubleshooting: 

If you are submitting a support ticket about an iPad issue please be sure to include this Device ID of the affected device so that we can assist you as quickly as possible. 

Phone support contact information added

If phone support is available in your region, upon tapping the bug icon from the iPad you will now see the phone support contact information displayed:

Anesthetic Sheet improvements for large iPads

As mentioned with our previous 16.4 iPad release, we are on a technical journey to optimize all of the different SmartFlow tools for the varying iPad screen sizes. In this new release, we have made some improvements to the way in which the Anesthetic Sheet displays on the 11" and 12.9" iPad Pros. We know there is still more work to be done but we hope you like these improvements.

We hope you enjoy these new features!