We are constantly enhancing SmartFlow to provide you with new functionality, as well as improve the overall stability and reliability of the application. 

Apple continues to release new and differing iPad screen sizes ranging from the 7.9" iPad Mini all the way up to the 12.9" iPad Pro. In this new version we have begun our technical journey in optimizing they way in which all of the SmartFlow tools display on varying different iPad screen sizes.

In addition to these changes we are pleased to share some enhancements that you hopefully enjoy!

New Emergency Drug Chart
We are excited to announce a new partnership with the Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society to bring the RECOVER Initiative CPR Emergency Drugs and Doses chart to SmartFlow. From now you can get the most relevant and up-to-date information directly from the patient's Flowsheet, Anesthetic Sheet or Dental Chart (please learn more HERE):

EMR/PIMS Product ID now shown in PDF Report
We previously added the EMR/PIMS Product ID to the Parameters page to make identifying products easier and more accurate. Now we have expanded this change and made it possible to view the EMR/PIMS Product ID in the SmartFlow PDF Billing report so that you can know exactly which PIMS product will be billed. The EMR/PIMS Product ID is located directly under the Medication/Procedure name:

IV Catheter Permission Added for Tech/Nurses

We are expanding the Tech/Nurse role permissions directly from your feedback. From now, anyone assigned to the Teach/Nurse role can add, edit, and delete an IV Catheter on the web:

Please find more details on Roles and Permissions HERE.

Estimates are now fully functional for our AVImark and Impromed users

A couple of weeks ago we announced that we were beginning the roll out of an Estimates integration with AVImark and Impromed. We are pleased to announce that Estimates are now fully functional for AVImark and Impromed customers connected to SmartFlow via DataPoint, on both the iPad and web.

Please read more on how to use Estimates within SmartFlow - AVImark and SmartFlow - Impromed integration.

Account page updates
For your convenience, we decided to divide the Account page into two sections: User Profile and Clinic Information, in which you can separately update your profile and clinic information, as well as your personal Password and iPad Passcode. The iPad Passcode has been added in preparation for an upcoming User Security release so watch this space! 

Only managers will be able to edit the clinic information, for all other users, it will be view only (please find more details HERE).

Compact Monthly Analytics Report
We have noticed that some data in our Business Analytics Report was inaccurately represented, so we have decided to make it more compact and clear to eliminate potential confusion. Form now, the monthly report that you receive via email will only provide a basic comparison of performance between your actual workflow and original goals. You can still follow the link in the email to view detailed analytics on your clinic page:

Details of the monthly Business Analytics Report can be found HERE.

We hope you enjoy these new features!