We are thinking about you and your staff during this challenging time. In recent weeks we have learned about new protocols many veterinary practices are implementing to keep their staff healthy and safe. It is our hope that the recommended best practices we’ve gathered below can help to support your team.

1. Create a new workflow template that represents the workflow you've adopted in your practice. Here is an example:

Every practice has slightly different protocols at this time and being able to save a template that is specific to your new workflow is very important. If you need a refresher on how to save a template please click, here

2. Put this new workflow into action. Have pet owners remain in their vehicle and call or text as they arrive. Check-in the patient through your integrated PIMS so they are sent to SmartFlow and automatically populated on your whiteboard with the new workflow:

3. Retrieve the patient history. Create a patient history digital form or update your existing intake form to include questions pertaining to the patient history. Don't forget you can also use the dictation feature on your iPad to capture notes.

4. Capture electronic signatures. Many practices have started asking pet owners to remain in their vehicle whilst the patient is taken inside for their exam and workup. Therefore having consent from the pet owner is even more important than ever.

Follow Apple's guidelines on how to clean your iPad's, or we have heard from customers that placing them into a zip-lock bag works great too. Oh and yes, we have validated that you will still be able to use your iPad even with disposable gloves on. 

5. Don't forget to record the make and model of the pet owner's vehicle. This can be done by capturing a photo directly inside of SmartFlow or by noting the information in the patient information area. The custom or critical note would be a great place to record this information.

6. Utilize your iPad's to share information and connect with pet owners virtually. There are a number of free tools you can embrace to have meaningful and safe teleconferences with your clients such as Facetime and Zoom. Leverage other cloud based softwares such as VetConnect PLUS to share realtime diagnostic updates with pet owners curbside.

Our dedicated team of experts are standing by 24/7 to support you and your business during this challenging time.