We are constantly striving to improve the SmartFlow application and make it more convenient and stable. Based on your valuable feedback, we have already made a few updates that we're excited to share!

EMR/PIMS Product ID added to the Parameter
s page
Sometimes you may need to know not only the EMR/PIMS Name of any inventory item but also its EMR/PIMS ID Number. We have now made all of this data available from one place. Just open your Parameters list, find the item you want, and get all the details you need:

This can be very useful if you have multiple parameters with the same or similar EMR/PIMS Names. Knowing their EMR/PIMS ID, you can easily distinguish them and avoid incorrect mapping. More information can be found HERE.

Clinic Name is now displayed on the web
Many of you already use the same personal account to sign in to multiple locations and for your convenience, now it's possible to quickly identify where you are logged in. Check your location by clicking the user icon in the upper-right corner, and seeing the Clinic Name after your email:

Naming of merged PDF Reports is now consistent with a single record file

We understand that having unique file names which include the date and time are important for easily attaching the merged PDF into your PIMS. That's why, the naming of the merged PDF Reports is now consistent with a single record file, and contains the Patient Name, Patient File Number, Client First and Last Name, Date & Time of the report generation:

Update to Forms presentation
Radiobuttons and checklists will now display cleaner in the PDF report. We have removed the un-shaded checkmarks that used to display when an option was not selected to avoid any confusion between what option was actually selected by the user:

We hope you enjoy these new features!