All the created Dental Chart photos are easily accessible from the web and can be downloaded in real-time. There is no need to wait for the Dental Chart finalization or patient discharge to get all photos you would like to upload to your PIMS.

To do this, open your SmartFlow web account, go to the patient's Flowsheet, and scroll down. Click on the Dental Chart at the bottom of the flowsheet:

After clicking, please select DentalChartPhotographs:

All photos will be automatically compressed into a zip-file in a few seconds. Select Save, and then OK:

Select location, edit File name and click SAVE:

NOTE: For your convenience, the default File name will contain Patient Name, Patient File Number, and [Owner's First & Last Name].

Photos will be also added to the Dental Chart PDF report. You can download the entire report at any time during patient treatment as well as get it saved to disk or emailed to you right after the patient's discharge

After the patient discharge, the Dental Chart photo will be also accessible from the Archive:

We hope you found this information useful!