In preparation for some exciting changes planned to the Anesthetic Sheet in 2020, we have changed the way in which the PDF report is generated. 

Previously, the Anesthetic Sheet PDF report was generated on the iPad. This process was sometimes unreliable or the report generation was slow, especially in the case of poor internet connectivity or prolonged anesthesia. To protect you from data loss and improve your experience while using SmartFlow, we have completely changed the report generation process!

Now the Anesthetic Sheet PDF will be generated on the server-side, so you no longer have to interrupt your workflow. Upon finalizing the Anesthetic Sheet you will see a new pop-up to indicate the report is generating:

At this point, you can safely navigate back to the Flowsheet. The report will be generated automatically in a few minutes and then will be available in the Dashboard > Forms page:

Or from your web account, at the bottom of the patient's Flowsheet:

Please find more details on how to access PDF records at any time during patient treatment HERE.

We hope you enjoy this new feature!