Our team is always willing to improve SmartFlow, make it more user-friendly and give you new features that you are looking for. That's why we are pleased to begin this year with the exciting release of the SmartFlow digital Dental Chart tool! We believe it will help you to improve your workflow and make your dental examination easier. Our Dental Chart is developed in conjunction with veterinarians, dental specialists, and technicians to meet your clinical needs.

SmartFlow Dental Chart offers you:

Clear and comprehensive overview of the patient's dental health
A dental chart is a good graphical method for organizing important dental examination results and treatment procedures. Using the SmartFlow digital Dental Chart, you can store all your clinical findings in one place as a simple, well-organized and easy-to-read record, without handwritten notes and corrections. Forget about the hastily filled dental charts, and start tracking your patient's dental health right on your iPad. Just choose between the pre-installed dental templates - Canine and Feline, and get started:



Quick dental examination
If you do not need a lot of details, you can make a quick dental examination by assigning a condition option - Extracted, Missing, or Healthy for any tooth. More information on how to create a new dental chart and perform a quick examination can be found HERE. In addition, you can take notes and photos to record health issues and treatment progress.

Easy access

Usually, dental procedures are accompanied by anesthesia monitoring, so we designed easy navigation between the Anesthetic Sheet and Dental Chart with one click. Just tap the Dental Chart icon in the upper right corner of the Anesthetic Sheet to switch and vise versa:

Open patient's Dental Chart

Return to anesthesia

Please learn more about accessing an active Dental Chart HERE.

Detailed record of Diagnosis and Treatment
If necessary, you can write down more details about the Diagnosis and Treatment for each particular tooth. For your convenience, there is no need to enter any text description, just select the appropriate abbreviation to describe tooth health or intended treatment, and the SmartFlow will automatically extend them in the Dental Chart PDF report:

Dental Chart view

Dental Chart PDF report

Find more about the Dental Chart abbreviations HERE.

Photos before and after treatment
Adding photos gives you and the patient owner an accurate record to track and compare treatment progress. You can take a series of photos to get an overview of the patient's jaw before and after the treatment. All of these photos will be synchronized automatically and 
accessible from your SmartFlow web account as well as from the Dental Chart PDF.

Dental Chart PDF report
After finalization, you will receive a comprehensive Dental Chart PDF report with all the inspection results, performed treatments and photos. You can treat this document as any other PDF report (download it & save to disk, email, or 
export to your PIMS), and then use these Dental Chart results for reference during the future visits.

We hope you enjoy these new features!