The vital signs entered into the SmartFlow anesthetic sheet, as well as those from the flowsheet, are automatically filled in at Cornerstone, but please note where they have been entered. We have set this so that your Cornerstone vitals are not "overwhelmed" with frequent entries or recordings that can be repeated every 5 minutes from monitoring an anesthetized patient.

There are two sections of the Anesthesia from which items will be transferred:

- Preoperative page monitoring area cover with blue square (including monitoring items executed on the Flowsheet and then transferred to Preoperative page):

- Anesthetic sheet, which in turn has two areas for monitoring parameters, will only ensure the vitals transfer from the section selected in blue (see screenshot below):

The first one, shown in red, contains predefined anesthesia monitoring parameters that will not be transferred to Cornerstone, and the second is a regular chart monitoring section where you can also add items to highlight them and it will be sent to your Vitals section in Cornerstone. If you want vitals in the bottom section (sometimes the values could go to EMR every 5 minutes) that DON'T transfer, see the steps could be applicable for any EMR system described in THIS FAQ.

To set up vitals correctly, so that they become billable, please check the Settings > Parameters page:


We hope you found this information useful!