When you complete the dental treatment or recording, please finalize the Dental Chart to receive the report. To do this, tap the extra menu button (...), and then Finalize:

NOTE: If anesthesia is active at the same time, you will receive a pop-up window to choose whether you want to finalize only the Dental Chart or to finalize both:

Please select the appropriate action and wait until a PDF report is generated. Then, you can download PDF records at any time during patient treatment as well as get them saved to disk or emailed to you right after the patient's discharge

NOTE: If your account is already integrated with PIMS that supports SmartFlow PDFs uploading automatically, you will only see the Dental Chart PDF if you have Merge Reports into One PDF set to YES. You can customize the export of the PDF reports to your PIMS upon discharge.

We do plan to make the dental chart PDF work in the same way as the anesthetic sheet PDF in 2020, but this is not currently available as of Q1 2020.

We hope you found this information useful!