Usually, when you set up Vitals in SmartFlow, they are synced to be nonbillable items in Cornerstone as it's described in How to set up vitals in SmartFlow? but if you'd like them to appear in Invoice, then the item should be synced and mapped with corresponding Cornerstone item in the following way.

For example, let's take Blood Pressure. There may be times when we don't charge on anesthetic, but we do charge when it's an annual exam, etc.


Let's create a non-billable item called BP (no charge) and set it according to THIS article after what click Save. This one won't appear in the Cornerstone invoice:

And create/update BP (charge) should be billable by doing the same procedure that will also include the item's mapping (more about it you can find in How to map your inventory after importing it from EMR?). It means that you can also use the same unit presented in Vitals Type (in our example, it is Blood Pressure) on multiple parameters:

NOTE: If some items created in Cornerstone are not presented in SmartFlow, you should resync them by clicking resync sign (more about this matter you can find HERE).

Once everything's done, click Save (Update if you just edit already existent parameter), and you will see two parameters created:

Now when you use these parameters on the treatment sheet, the values of BP (no charge) will be transferred to the Vitals section in Cornerstone, while the values of BP (charge) will also appear on the invoice.

We hope you found this information useful!