Vitals set up process in SmartFlow requires to have two things managed: Cornerstone Events toggled to On and Picker type set to Vitals (more about it you can find in How to set up vitals in SmartFlow?). But when we are talking about different weights, some additional steps should be made to make sure everything will be transferred correctly.

If you do tend to take the weight with different units of measurement such as pounds for dogs and cats or grams to duplicate the weight with those units of measure listed on it, please follow the instructions below.

In your Parameters Settings find and edit or create a parameter called Weight with corresponding units of measurement indicated (for example, Weight (lbs)). In the pop-up appeared set Default Section to Monitoring, Cornerstone Events to On, Picker type to Vitals and Vitals Type to Weights. Once it's done, the system will provide you with the additional Unit line where you can select the correct value that you enter for different species:

When everything's done, click Update and then create as many Weight parameters as needed according to the steps above. So now, when you enter the item on the treatment sheet, you can select the proper weight option for your species (more about Weight execution and it's further transferring to EMR you can find in How to enter weight to have it transferred into the Vitals section of Cornerstone?).

We hope you found this information useful!