When you have a patient admitted to your SmartFlow account and would like to enter weight so it will be transferred to EMR from Monitoring sections, some matters should be taken into consideration together with general mechanisms of Vitals transferring (more about it you can find HERE):

First of all, please make sure that the parameter added to the flowsheet is set up correctly and has corresponding units of weight on it (in our example, it's pounds/lbs):

After adding the item to the flowsheet and setting up highlighting, input the needed value into the parameter's cell:

Then, go to your Cornerstone, refresh the page, and you'll see the value appeared in EMR as an entry in the sets executed the same period of time:

NOTE: If any changes in your Vitals in Cornerstone should be then resynced with SmartFlow account (more about it you can find in THIS article).

We hope you found this information useful!