As soon as you have checked the patient in from Cornerstone to SmartFlow, its Cornerstone Vital Signs section are empty:

To fill them, please go to your SmartFlow account and execute it by entering the needed values into the cell of the Vitals parameter in the Monitoring section:

NOTE: The drop-down list for the monitoring parameters will show the items presented in Cornerstone only if they are correctly mapped as it's described in THIS article. 

Once everything's executed, go to Cornerstone account and refresh the page by right-clicking on the patient and clicking Refresh:

If everything is set and mapped correctly, you'll see all entered values appeared in Cornerstone:

Because they were done at a different time from admittance, they will be shown as a separate entry right after entering into the cell in your SmartFlow.

NOTE: Please be aware that vital signs will only be synced from SmartFlow to Cornerstone. If you enter vitals in Cornerstone, they will NOT be transferred to SmartFlow.

And it works both for items entered for the first time or for the updated ones. Our integration follows the standard rules so you can update an existing vital value within 24 hours of when it was entered, and you can add it to the persistent set up for 10 days.

For example, let's imagine you've occasionally entered an incorrect Temperature value - 101.0 and need to update it to the correct one - 103.0. To update the value, go to your SmartFlow account, enter the correct value over the previous incorrect one:


Then go back to Cornerstone and refresh the page: 


NOTE: If you did not populate Vitals for 10 days, the system would give you a warning that you cannot update the vital sign value anymore (more about vitals entering limitations you can find in THIS article).

The same procedure works for the values that should be removed completely. For example, if you want to remove CRT, click on the cell, and delete the information:


Then the CRT value will be removed in Cornerstone: 

Some additional instructions should be taken into considerations if you'd like to enter weight in, and you can find them HERE.

NOTE: Any changes in your Vitals in Cornerstone should be then re-synced with the SmartFlow account (more about it you can find in THIS article). 

We hope you found this information useful!