Now, you can manually download a patient photo from SmartFlow and upload it into your Cornerstone (if you do not want to set up an automatic upload by following THESE steps). This could be quickly done from the SmartFlow web account, by following the below steps:

1. Log into your SmartFlow web account and open the patient's Flowsheet:

2. Click on the patient photo to open it in the large view:

3. Right-click on the photo and click Save Image As... and save the file to your hard drive:

4. Now, open your Cornerstone account and Search a patient to proceed with the steps to add a photo from your hard drive. To do it, click on the search button at the top left corner of the screen (loupe symbol), select Patient Search in the pop-up appeared and enter appropriate data. Right-click on the patient needed and select Patient Clipboard:

5. In the patient's area appeared right-click on a white square on the top right and select Capture option. Then choose File line that will refer you to the data saved on the computer itself (TWAIN stands for devices without a specific name and would be something like a digital camera that's plugged in):

6. Navigate to where the photo is saved in the pop-up window occurred on the left corner of your screen, choose it, and click Open. Once it's done, the image will be downloaded to this square of the patient's area in Cornerstone so you then could edit or delete it by right-clicking on the photo and selecting the corresponding line.

NOTE: Most iPads will take photos that are an appropriate size for Cornerstone, but in some cases, you may need to adjust the photo size before adding it to Cornerstone. 

We hope you found this information useful!