SmartFlow controls access to your practice

We understand the importance to keep all your data protected, that's why only registered users can access your practice account. For this, your manager should add the required user to the staff list and set up access permissions (discover more about the available Roles and Permissions HERE). Anyone with a manager role is able to modify and restrict user permissions for their staff at any time. HERE is also a useful video which demonstrates how to change user permissions. 

*Please note that the attached video is an illustration and is subject to change as our product evolves!

Then the user can login into the SmartFlow account:

Each SmartFlow user has its personal Username - EMAIL and own set Password (minimum 6 characters):

SmartFlow stores sensitive information encrypted and protected on Azure Cloud Databases 

SmartFlow does not store financial information, our system is limited to information entered about the patients and their owners, staff names and email addresses. For security reasons, all sensitive information is kept on Azure Databases protected by their cloud systems. Therefore, all stored data is encrypted at rest using 256-bit AES and Microsoft Key Vault, TLS 1.2 ECDHE_RSA with X25519 and AES_256_GCM encrypted in motion. We maintain all records indefinitely, as they are legal medical records that could require access at any future point.

We hope you found this information useful!