Items sent from SmartFlow to the Patient Visit List (PVL) of your Cornerstone that have special actions associated with them can be triggered in Cornerstone in one of two ways:

1. Click the Special button on the PVL window.

2. Transfer the PVL items to the invoice

When an item is written to the PVL in Cornerstone from SmartFlow, the special actions will not be performed until one of the above steps is taken.

The recommended/usual workflow would be to create an estimate with these Special Action items. 

Then, when the estimate is transferred to the PVL, the Special Actions for items done during the patient's visit (ie: bloodwork, imaging, etc) can be triggered at that time. 

When SmartFlow sends this item back to Cornerstone after it is initialed off, it will overwrite the existing item without causing double billing or double special actions.

We hope you found this information useful!