In case, your patient's documents stopped flowing to EMR there are two things that could provoke such a behavior: some of the Smart Flow settings are incorrect, or something happened to the integration processing. It's easy to eliminate the first reason on your side while the second one can be solved only by Smart Flow and Vision VPM teams.

First of all, please check your Merge reports into one PDF option. At the current integration stage, the Vision VPM doesn't support separate PDF transfer from Smart Flow. If you notice that only flowsheet PDFs go across, but no other reports transferred, most likely that the Merge report into one PDF option is set to NO. In this case, please merge all the patient's reports into one document (following the steps described HERE) and the generalized report will be sent to EMR without any obstacles.

Also, it worth checking your Integrations Status and Send Billing / Anesthetic Billing & Medical Records to EMR in EMR Settings to make sure everything's set correctly.

Once mentioned above is verified, but the problem is still not resolved, please contact our Support Team for further research. 

We hope you found this information useful!