In case, you've decided to change EMR with that you're currently integrated, to the different one, there are some steps that should be taken to make both disintegration and integration processes to avoid possible issues.

First of all, you need to agree on all changes with your current EMR and the future one to know timeframes when the matter should be finished, and you're ready to begin the process.

1. Once everything's agreed, and you're ready to stop sending events to EMR for all parameters, please open your admin web account > go Settings > EMR settings > and turn the Send Billing & Medical Records to EMR option to OFF (more about EMR Settings you can find HERE). You should also submit a Support ticket, letting us know the time frames you expect to switch integration.

NOTE: If you want medical records to go to the EMR, even before the switch is completed, you should not switch the Send Billing & Medical Records to EMR option to OFF, but instead, switch EMR events for each particular parameter by going to Settings > Parameters (find more information on editing parameters HERE).

2. The next step would be unmapping of all EMR parameters from the Smart Flow parameters. This process requires that each mapped parameter be edited and unlinked from the EMR inventory code:

NOTE: We can complete this process for you after we receive your ticket indicating you want your EMR changed. You are also welcome to perform this action yourself, however, it is a time-consuming process, that we can cover for you.

3. This will make changes to the flowsheets of some patients, once you agree and click Update button.


4. Then remove the unmapped parameter from the list completely:

NOTE. The only case where the parameter will be removed from the flowsheets for all active patients and previously created templates is the removal of the whole parameter, including the Display Name. To avoid this, please remove only unmapped parameters (with a single EMR Name) from the last column.

5. Upon completion, our development team will be glad to unlink/disintegrate your Smart Flow account from the current EMR. When they finish, we will contact you with updates and necessary data. From this point on in the EMR Settings, you will notice that your Smart Flow account is Not Connected to any EMR provider, and thus your API Key can be used to integrate with the new PIMS:


NOTE. There is only one API Key in each clinic that will not be changed or shared.


6. After your old EMR has been disconnected, you can use your API Key to transfer inventory from the new EMR by following the instructions specific to each PIMS (for more details, see our Integrations FAQs).

7. The last step to be taken is to re-map all the parameters from new EMR (for more details, see the Mapping your inventory after importing from your EMR or How to perform backward mapping).

Please ensure that the Send Billing & Medical Records to EMR option is turned to ON when all the above steps have been completed.

NOTE: Unfortunately, sometimes the switching procedure may take longer than expected. If you notice that the toggle cannot be switched and the circular arrows are rotating continuously:

Please contact our support team to make these changes on the Smart Flow side as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope this will be fixed soon.

We hope you found this information useful!