If you encounter an issue with accessing Smart Flow through web-browser and noticed the following error warning it could be related to our recent changes in DNS, needed for maintenance and scaling of Smart Flow system.

The problem is, your browser doesn't get how to translate smartflowsheet.com into some IP address (numbers). It used to ask this data from your provider's DNS server, but that server doesn't have our new IP address now. For some providers, it can take from 1 second to several hours to recognize the new IP address of the website. So, to help it to make this procedure faster, please, follow the next few steps:

1. First of all, please try resetting DNS cache of your browser. To do this open this link in Chrome (if you are using Chrome): chrome://net-internals/#dns and press Clear host cache:

2. In case that doesn't help, it would be crucial to reboot your computer and try opening the Smart Flow page.

3. The last thing could solve issue if two previous steps weren't useful is to change DNS server to Google's one manually.

If your computer is on Windows 10 via Wi-Fi, please right-click the mouse on your Wi-Fi symbol and select Open Network & Internet settings:

Once the Settings window is open, press Change adapter options:

There would be several icons, one of which is your Wi-Fi connection settings. Please right-click on it and select Properties:

The pop-up window called Wi-Fi Properties will appear and you'll see a list of settings from which you need to select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties right below the list:

At this moment, please make a screenshot of your settings and save it. Since when the issue will be mitigated it's crucial to enter original credentials back into places.

After you've saved a screenshot, please adjust the settings as on the next screenshot and push OK: These data is Google's public DNS IP addresses and

PLEASE NOTE: If you already have a DNS preference then changing Preferred DNS server is not the best option. Thus we would highly suggest to make any edition to the Alternate one or confirm the full update with your IT specialist.

Finally, once again, please try restarting the page https://www.smartflowsheet.com/whiteboard in your browser. Right after it you'll be up and running again, please make the final editing by inputing original DNS preferences that was saved on the screenshot previously made into their places.

This changes could affect your iPad so Smart flow app won’t connect at the clinic as well and there will be need to work with DNS Settings on your iPads accroding to instructions described in THIS FAQ.

We hope you found this information useful!