For your convenience, the Cornerstone Estimates are transferring to SmartFlow and can be added to the patient flowsheet in a few steps. To use this feature, follow the instructions described below, both on the web and on the iPad.

1. First, create an estimate in Cornerstone:

NOTE: Once it is saved (it doesn't need to be finalized), the estimate is available to SmartFlow for 90 days. Thus, older estimates will not be shown in SmartFlow.

Also, it's crucial to remember that if you check in the patient via SmartFlow, it WILL show estimates. Estimates are not visible only if the patient does not exist in Сornerstone.  

2. Now when you check the patient in, you'll see the banner telling you about recent estimates:

If you create an estimate after you check the patient in, just click Find Recent Estimates to get the newest data from Cornerstone:

NOTE: It is possible to access estimates also from the iPad. For this open required patient > tap additional options button (...) > and open Find Recent Estimates:

3. Click View Details or Find Recent Estimates to see what's in the Estimates (e.g. there are two estimates, each with a single item):

NOTE: In this case, both are grey/unavailable because these items are not yet mapped in SmartFlow. We have a hint that explains this if we hover over the area:

Here's what it would look like if an estimate had already been applied:

4. When Estimates contains available items:

5. Select what you want to add from the available ones:

6. Click Add to Flowsheet, and it will add selected items to the treatment sheet:

NOTE: The items are in RED until you select treatment frequency (and dosage/route for medications).

We hope you found this information useful!