When you're executing treatments in your SmartFlow account there are several things you should be aware of to make sure that all treatments are transferred to PIMS.

Considering the synchronization feature, the SpecVet account will always get the exact medication volume in ml, regardless of the way that it is Shown on the flowsheet. However, to prevent confusion, we strongly recommend setting the Shown on the flowsheet option as Total (ml) for each new medication added to the flowsheet, so that you will always see the exact volume sent to SpecVet. 

For example, below I added two treatments called 100 Ketamine Inj to the flowsheet:

One with dosage 0.1 mg/kg and Total (ml) option, so that it is shown on chart as 0.044 ml

Another with dosage 3 mg/kg and Dosage show on chart (not the Total dose in ml, which is 1.32 ml in this case)

And then executed them by putting initials (dw):

Also, regardless of what is shown on the flowsheet you will always get total medication quantity - Qty (in our example it's 1.32 and 0.04) in the SpecVet Invoices or on the parameter added to the chart (by clicking on it - e.g Beltz, 3 in the image below) :

Moreover, if you decide to use the PRN Billing Feature (Precision Billing) for Medications it will be much less complicated for you if the Shown on the flowsheet is set to Total(ml). In this case, any numeric value entered to the cell will be recognized as a precise dose in ml entered manually for execution:

Thus it will be transferred to the SpecVet Invoice without any changes (look at the second line below - 4.5): 

On the other hand, if you set another option for the  Shown on the flowsheet, for example, Dosage as in the screenshots above, and then enter any numerical value to the cell for execution, you will still get the medication quantity in ml in the Invoice, but it will be calculated using the new dosage value entered. Please be attentive when using the PRN Billing for Medications.

NOTE: Only billable items come over to the Invoice in your SpecVet account so it's crucial to make sure it's correctly mapped and billed (you can find out more about this in How can I tell if an item is billed for or not?).

We hope you found this information useful!