Right after you've checked the patient in by creating a new Visit, this patient will be admitted to SmartFlow and Cubex with all the data entered. This visit can then be found under the exact appointment through Patients by clicking on the note icon:

Or, by going to the Search Visits options on the main page:

There are several options available in the Check-in window of the patient's visit: from the visit Info, Estimates, Actions, Payments, Orders, etc. All actions should be taken through the navigation panel in the corresponding section:

When you open the Info column there is one section that requires additional attention and it's called Add'l Things

From here you can manage your patients admission and check-out in SmartFlow and Cubex by using the following four buttons:

- Add to IMS - an option to send a patient to Cubex only.

- Delete from IMS button - is used to delete patient records from the Dispensing Machine or if you'd like to have a patient created in SmartFlow only. If your clinic is integrated with Cubex the patient will be sent both to SF and IMS during admittance and the best way to store it in one system is to delete it from Cubex right after visit creation.

- D/C (discharge) from SFS - should be clicked if you'd like to have a patient checked-out from SmartFlow and have all reports synced back to SpecVet.

- Delete SFS Hosp - is used to delete the patient's record from the SmartFlow system.

If you're wondering where the Add to SFS option is, it's situated in the Actions column:

Once you've chosen a template and department the Create SF Hospitalization button appears:

If any changes should be made for a template or department, just make the necessary adjustments ones in the lines and click this button. As far as hospitalization is concerned,  the system will offer you to overwrite it by clicking Overwrite:

NOTE: If you've already performed some treatments in SmartFlow, we warn you not to overwrite the Hospitalization until these actions are stored somewhere. This is because when you overwrite the old admission, all data entered will be completely removed and updated with a new blank sheet. If you encountered that a patient has an incorrect template you can always correct it by using the Change template option in SmartFlow or edit by Adding treatments and Workflows. Anyway, the system will warn you about it each time using the following message.

We hope you found this information useful!