If you have one business and multiple sites or locations it is possible to sync them through the API Key properly. In order to do so, there are a few steps that should be taken through Administrative Settings

NOTE: Each location has its own Identifier and should be input according to the assigned code. To check the Identifier for the particular location, please go the Setup page > Preferences > Site > find the required Site and check the Site ID:

To set up the location, first, enable SmartFlow integration for the particular site. Go to the Administrative Settings > sfs.integration > and set the Parameter Value to (the value 1 indicates that, yes, the clinic is using SFS) for the required site (defined in the Hierarchy and specific Identifier fields):

Then, to set up the API Keys go to the Administrative Settings > sfs.clinic.APIKey > add the required Hierarchy and specific location Identifier:

You will need also to enter the clinics API Key (it's taken from your SmartFlow account under EMR settings) into the Param Value line. Then you will notice that a new blank section will then appear and can be used in case another Site should be added:

NOTE: Also it is possible to customize each of the Administrative Setting options for a particular location/site indicating the locations Hierarchy and Identifiers.

After the API key is configured for a location, you can upload department and treatment templates lists by syncing them from your Site Preferences as described HERE.

We hope you found this information useful!