We are excited to share with you the May improvements on Smart Flow!

Procedure Start & End timestamps in the Anesthetic Record 

We understand the need to know not only the total duration of a procedure, but also the exact start and end time of any procedure during anesthesia. Keeping this in mind, we made this data available from the Anesthetic Record pdf.  Effective immedietly, under the Surgery section of the Anesthetic Record you can find Started & Ended timestamps for procedures, as they were executed during the anesthesia:


Please find more detail on how to use the Procedure timer during the anesthesia HERE.

Initials in the Anesthetic Record pfd for executed Fluids and Medication

Previously, only the Notes (texts with at least one space) entered into any cell of the anesthetic sheet, were indicated in the Anesthetic Record pdf. However, for legal reasons, it is also important to know who gives any particular Fluid or Medication during anesthesia. That is why from now, initials entered to show the administration of any parameter in the Fluid or Medication section of the anesthetic sheet, will be reflected in the  Anesthetic Record pdf! Please use 3 or less characters for the initials, by which you can be recognized

Thus, as soon as the anesthesia administration is complete, all administered Fluids and Medications will appear in the Anesthetic Record pdf as follows:


Long Parameter names in the Flowsheet Report

Now there is no need to shorten the name of the Parameter, since you can view the full parameter name in the Flowsheet Report  (learn How to download patient records from the Archive?) after discharge the patient! We are pleased to announce this change, as it will facilitate your daily work and prevent confusion. Previously, you could only see part of the parameter name (see the left part of the screenshot below), but now this is in the past, and the full name is available:


NOTE: This new preview will be available for all patients discharged after this release. 

We hope you enjoy these new features!